I want to work hard to share my visions—the "story only I can tell", and to help other artists tell theirs. I do this through my cosplay, photographing other artists, and my advocacy work to improve our community.

Cosplay Portfolio

Galleries featuring my various cosplays over the years.


I will always cosplay for myself, but I am very limited due to my (many) health issues. I was surprised to learn that people really want to support my creative journey. Patreon gives them a chance to, as well as giving me a way to thank them with rewards!


With a one-time donation, you can help support specific cosplay goals. Currently, it's Agent Date from AI: Somnium Files.


View galleries of images I've taken and learn how you can contact me for booking a shoot.

Western PA Photo Shoots

With a few other local photographers, I host public photoshoots with Western PA Cosplay Shoots. We explore unique locations in Western PA and these free events are open to cosplayers and photographers of all skill levels to create images and make connections.

Cosplayer: Hexxing.Peddles.


I am happy to be a part of the Cosplayer Survivor Support Network. We Believe You is our mantra, because we believe that survivors should be heard without judgment or demands that they 'prove' their trauma happened when they are only seeking support. We work to provide education through articles and panels so that survivors are treated with the respect they deserve at all community events, especially when reporting incidents to staff.